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CBSE Project file Decoration Ideas 2023-24

Project file ideas 2023-24

CBSE Project file Decoration Ideas 2023-24 for Economics, Accountancy and Business studies

The CBSE has provided the guidelines for the Class 12th Project for 2023-24. There are no particular guidelines to prepare for project class 12, but there are general ones. Take a look-

  • – The project should be based on independent reading and learning skills.

  • – Students can select a non-syllabus book to prepare their project. 

  • – It should be based on the section-wise distribution of marks for the project.

Economics Project Ideas 2023-24

Some Economics Project Ideas for CBSE are as follows-

  • Organic Farming
  • Money and Banking
  • National Income
  • Micro and Macro Economics
  • Balance of Payment
  • Five years planning in India
  • Sustainable Development
  • Complimentary and Substitute goods
  • Government Budget
  • Circular Flow of Income

Here are some project files and videos are shared with you. Click on following button to get complete youtube playlist-

Economics Project on Organic Farming

project on organic farming

Economics Project on RBI and its functions

Economics Project on RBI and its functions

Economics project file idea on Circular Flow of Income and Govt Budget

Economics Project file on Complimentary and Substitute Goods

This project aims to provide a thorough analysis of the fundamental economic concepts of complimentary and substitute goods. Through a multi-dimensional approach, this exploration seeks to offer a deep understanding of these concepts, their implications on consumer behavior, and their impact on market dynamics.

Accountancy Project Ideas 2023-24

Some CBSE Accountancy Ideas 2023-24

  • Accountancy Ratios
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Issue of shares
  • Partnership accounts

CBSE Project file Decoration Ideas 2023-24 Accountancy

Accountancy Project Ideas on Ratio Analysis and Cash Flow Statement

Some more file be shared very soon

Link for Macro economics notes in Hindi Click Here

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